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Wahtips has been growing for a few years. It began with me, Amanda, sending emails to friends who wanted to know how to work at home. After that I began becoming active in a few forums, one of which was a forums for mothers. Many of the women on this forum wanted to be stay at home mothers however they also needed to earn an income. I decided to branch out and start sending emails to these mothers along with tips. We would email back and forth and I would answer all of their questions. From there, I discovered that other forums that I frequented had the same type of people. Not just mothers, but stay at home dads, college students, and the disabled all wanted to know how to earn an income while staying at home. I realized that I was sending emails just about all day and from there got the idea to build a website. It took me a while to convince myself to do it, and I had a lot of motivation from everyone who I was already speaking with, but finally I created wahtips.net.

I decided to build the membership site because I wanted a way to communicate one on one with all of the members. I love forums so that was the first thing that had to be added. The one on one chat is one of my favorite features and hope that it will be used frequently. I am also going to work hard to add new content often and set up meet and greets and q&a’s in monthly webinars.

I hope that you will all be just as passionate as I am about working at home, and I hope that I can help you find that career you deserve!


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