Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wahtips?

I made Wahtips to help stop people from being scammed! I’ve been scammed a few times while I was starting out working at home. I started Wahtips just by sending emails to friends and people that I’ve met online. My friends encouraged me to take this seriously and make a website. I want to encourage everyone that you can work at home and have a successful career working at home!

Why is there a membership fee?

I have added a membership portion of this site for anyone who would like one on one personalized help. I wish I didn’t have to charge however this site does cost a lot to run. I never withhold information though. All of the articles and written content are available for free. Members get the written content, forums, one on one chat, and more.

Are you affiliated with any of the companies that you list?

I am not affiliated with any of these companies although I have worked with some of them. I do not make money by listing these companies. The only way a company gets mentioned on my website is if I have personally researched it. I always recommend that you do your own research before applying and until you get the job. You can never learn enough about a company.

What makes a company legitimate?

I consider a company legitimate if they have a history of paying their workers, have a good rating with the BBB and RipOff report, and have a good rapport with employees/independent contractors. I research reviews online in forums, review sites, other work at home websites, and websites dedicated to stop scammers. I’ve spent hours, sometimes weeks, researching a company. If their bad reviews outweigh their good reviews they do not get listed. I will warn you though, while researching keep in mind that just about every company gets a bad review so not all companies are going to be 100% positive. Keep this in mind while researching but also go with your gut. If something doesn’t feel right then, by all means, move on to a different company. Remember, there are thousands of WAH jobs out there.

How can I contact you if I need help?

Members have the option to chat with me one on one as well as post questions in the forum. Also you can contact me at contactme@wahtips.net or just fill out a contact form.


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