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Ah ok. I may have to have a bit of a think about this and how it is set up. I had not really considered it too much. Not really.
Some blokes wanted me to do what I do (write). I was to do this so they did not have to. They will pay me 25% of any applications that get accepted…that too made sense due to the fierce competition.
They wanted to have someone giving them better odds at getting their applications through.


You have kind of presented it in a whole new light. I was thinking well, if they pay they pay, if they don’t, I stop working with them. So far its only first 24 hours or so and no aplications approved, so its academic. But maybe I should try to legitimise this to make sure they pay through Odesk and perhaps I cop the 10% so we are not running afoul of that? I would not care 25% would become 22.5%

I definitely think there is more to think on with this.Thanks heaps Amanda.

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