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I am an avid couponer so I stock up on most of the stuff and buy our fruits, vegetables, dairy, and some meats from local farms. My husband is a farm boy who is spoiled with organic, fresh, everything. I enjoy junk food lol. I would save more if we didn’t get so much from local farms but I would rather use the savings from the grocery store chains and put it into the local farms.

I used to get hundreds of dollars worth of groceries for $10-30 but, ironically, since that extreme coupon show came out couponing has become a lot harder. Stores have started putting rules on things like coupon limits and not being allowed to clear shelves or only so many items per person. You can get around it with multiple orders but then taxes take up a lot of your savings so I no longer get the same thrill as I used to. Saving $75 on a $125 bill is my average now.

I still dominate retail sales though, I saved $300 on a close out sale with coupons, I only spent $2 on expensive name brand clothes and accessories that was my personal best lol.

I also have a small garden in my yard with german tomatoes, roma tomatoes, bell peppers, parsley, basil, garlic, and onion. I can my own spaghetti sauce and salsa and I dry left over parsley and basil for seasonings.

I like to be frugal, I think I would be one of those crazy cheap hoarders who you didn’t know it but was secretly loaded if I one day became a millionaire lol

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