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Standing desks have been shown to lessen back pain and can help burn calories. I will say that you need a good balance of sitting and standing to really make a difference with pain. Standing all day can be just as hard on your body as sitting all day so if you are uncomfortable, sit down. I like the adjustable desks personally, that way you can adjust when it’s needed. I really think before anyone invests in a standing desk they do research to see if it’s right for them. There are so many studies and articles about them online, I would read everything. I am thinking of adding my own article on wahtips soon although I don’t have a whole lot of personal experience with standing desks yet so I have been putting it off.

If anyone else on here has a lot of experience with them though and wants to write an article for wahtips, let me know. It’s $20 per 1,000 word article.

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