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    I am curious about working with Amazon Mechanical Turk, and I was wondering if anyone here has any experience working their HITs. One of the things that I like is that you can cash out every day as long as you’ve earned $1.00. It’s nice not to have to wait to reach a high payment threshold or wait until a company issues payments. Would anyone who has done work with Mechanical Turk give us an idea of the earnings potential?

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    I have done a few hits there, but have never cashed out. Honestly, I haven’t been to that site in a long time, and had just about forgotten about it. It’s really not the type of stuff I enjoy doing. I do think I have about seven dollars available, so I’ll certainly go over and get it. I have read about people who make a nice amount there, but they do the big jobs like transcription.

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    I’ve done a little with Amazon mTurk but it doesn’t really seem to be worth my time, so I dropped it pretty quickly. Perhaps if I had transcription experience I would’ve been happier.

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    I have transcription experience, so I’ll have to go over there and take another look around. I did one small job on Mechanical Turk about four or five years ago and earned $.25 for twenty minutes of my time. That turned me off and I haven’t been back since.

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    I have since started doing transcription HITs on Amazon Mturk. In my experience, they are the only ones that are remotely profitable. Of all the transcription companies out there, the ones on Mechanical Turk are probably the lowest paying. I still do the HITs for one particular company because I’m hoping they will offer me a promotion, and it’s still a good option for making quick money, and I know I can cash out immediately.

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    I tried to sign up for this the other day and they told me that they couldn’t verify my information for the Amazon payment part of it and they canceled my account. I don’t know why they were having such a problem with it. I gave them all of my information and I verified everything they asked and they still said there was a problem. It sounds like I’m not missing out on much though, even though I have transcription experience.

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    I’ve used mTurk in the past but not lately. It’s good for those just starting out or that don’t have any skills, but it’s no more than filler once you’ve got some work under your belt. For a long time, I would use it as filler between other jobs – just a few minutes here and there. I probably should do that still but it’s not really worth it if you’re making a decent income elsewhere.

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    I agree with @ladybug. I’ve been doing their transcription HITs as fillers for a little extra cash, and I know I can get paid fast. But I can’t imagine anybody making any good money from it. There are people on Reddit who say they make very good money on Mturk, but I can’t figure out how they do it.

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    I don’t know how to do transcription, so I have to go for the small hits, and it’s really not worth it. Plus, some of the instructions to the hits just don’t make any sense. I can see myself working to get through one, and then not getting paid because I did something wrong. It’s not for me.

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    Susana, the people that say they make good money are probably not American or any first world country. The pay rate is better when it comes to the standard of living in many developing or third world countries.

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    I tried it but I really did not like it. Most of the work was a breeze but getting feedback or even sending feedback sometimes was like pulling teeth. When things crash and you can’t complete the task I think was the most frustrating thing for me personally.

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    I’ve done it and still do work on MTurk. I usually do it for Amazon credit and buy presents at Christmas. It’s something I’ve done off and on for a while. You have to pick carefully what you want to work on, otherwise you are wasting your time doing penny jobs.

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    I have never tried this company. I have given it a look once or twice, but just don’t believe I could do something for a penny or two, even if it did take just a few minutes. They should pay more than than just for your reading the instructions.

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    I have quite a bit of experience with transcription. How much is the average payment per minute on Amazon Mechanical Turk? Does anyone have any idea?

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