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    I joined Swagbucks several years ago when I was looking for WAH opportunities. I have not been consistent in recent years but do remember redeeming points for a $100 Amazon gift card. I just recently started using it again. Do any of you use swagbucks? How do you like it? How much have you earned so far?

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    I did sign up, but honestly, I haven’t followed through. I’m not a fan of places that have just little jobs or activities here and there, and you only make a few cents at a time. They don’t hold my interest, so I forget to check back with them. I may not totally understand their concept, since I don’t spend any time there.

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    I signed up with Swagbucks a long time ago, but I never did anything with it. For me, I think that there are more profitable ways to make money online. I think it would probably take a really long time to get enough points for a gift card.

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    I’ve heard a lot of people talk about Swagbucks, but I never signed up for it myself. If it’s a low paying site, I probably wouldn’t invest too much time in it.

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    Swagbucks is not great. I don’t spend more than a couple minutes per day on it, so I only earn enough for a $5 gift card every month or two. I was recently annoyed to discover that they increased the price of the $5 Amazon gift card from 450 Swagbucks to 500 Swagbucks.

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    I joined ages ago but I rarely go into it and haven’t earned a giftcard yet. I got irritated by the little bitty things that you do on it. I couldn’t get past the games really. The videos are too time consuming and the surveys really hacked me off because I kept getting part way through then getting told I didn’t need to complete it.

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    I love Swagbucks. There are lots of easy ways to earn points and you can start redeeming at $3 for Amazon gift cards. If you have a mobile phone (or other device), make sure to get their mobile app. Max it out on videos daily for 36 SB, plus you can still do the videos on site. Surveys add up quick when you qualify, too.

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    Now, I’m confused. Ladybug, you make it sound like something that might be enjoyable, and the others don’t like it. Like life, I guess. I may just have to go have a look at it. I don’t usually like to spend time on nickle and dime stuff, but some Amazon gift cards might help with my book purchases.

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    Yes, just check it out and see if it’s for you. I still do it, so I guess I feel the couple minutes a day is worth the occasional discount.

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