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    I know about selling crafts directly, via various avenues, but are there truly any companies that will pay you to create craft items? All the ‘jobs’ I’ve ever heard about turned out to be scams.

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    I’ve heard this as well. I would love to find companies that pay you to put crafts together. Most of the ones that I have found want you to pay a ton of money to get started. If I am going to do that then I might as well just make my own handmade crafts and sell them myself.

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    It’s too bad there are so many scams out there that it makes it hard for someone to sell their crafts. What about posting your crafts on social media, like Pinterest? It gets it out there for people to see.

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    I remember a company that used to promise all this money, if you would just assemble this little angel thing to distribute to all these people out there who are waiting to buy them. I actually tried that back in my younger days, and it was such a scam! I’m not creatively crafty, but I do enjoy working with my hands. It would be great to find a company that I could do a few crafty things for, and get paid.

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