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    For those of you who do transcription, are you good at deciphering voices? I found that transcribing when there are three or more people talking was difficult. Trying to figure out who said what when they are all interjecting comments was hard to do. Then if someone had a strong accent I would have to listen carefully to figure out what that person was saying.

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    I have always wanted to try this, but I’m afraid that I would have a hard time completing the assignment if there is more than one person talking. I have a certificate for medical transcription and I would love to find a job that will take me on. I did very well when it was just one person talking. What field had a group of people talking that you had to transcribe?

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      Courtroom transcription often has multiple voices. My friend records and transcribes for a company that does law and courtroom transcription. She loves it and says sometimes it is challenging when they talk over each other.

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    It’s a little tricky at first but you definitely get the hang of it. You will start out by replaying the same clip a million times, hitting rewind, listening again, etc. but with practice it becomes much easier.

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