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    What’s your biggest complaint about working at home? Does anything really bother you that you wish you could change?

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    The biggest drawback for me has been being alone all the time. For a long time, I sat and worked and that was it. I wasn’t getting out of the house, seeing people, or doing anything fun. Once I realized I had to make time for that, too, I felt much better.

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    People don’t take me seriously. They think I’m just sitting around doing nothing. Part of this may stem from the fact that I’m still learning and trying to develop multiple income streams. The lack of a single defined job title throws them off.

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      I agree with you, the most annoying thing would be people thinking working at home means you don’t have a real job. Also lagging internet service. Sometimes it just hangs and drives me crazy!

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    Internet problems are one of the things that bothers me. I hate waiting on a website to load, and if your job depends on it, it can be really annoying.

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    I agree sunny18, that bothers me too. Some sites take a long time to load and cause frustration. I’m not sure why in this technical age we have to wait so long for some of these sites to come up.

    Another problem I have is that I live outside the city and our internet sometimes depends on the weather. If it’s storming outside my internet goes down. It won’t come back up until the weather clears and this causes problems with getting work done.

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    Marian Swift

    I once tried to work for an article site that promised to pay reasonable royalties (this was more for a source of future “windfalls” than immediate income), but their server was so slow that a 5-minute task could take 10-20 minutes – and freeze my entire system in the process. I had to give up on them. They are not around anymore.

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    I think my biggest complaint is that sometimes I find it is really hard to motivate myself, especially when it is a really nice day. I guess that’s how it is for everyone, even if they don’t work from home, but being home gives you so much more freedom. When that happens I try and take a lot of breaks and sit outdoors.

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    I think my biggest complaint right now is that, as a work-at-home mama, I have to balance my work-at-home, Internet-based job with the responsibilities I have in the home. It’s really hard to bang out a lot of freelance work when you keep having to stop to cook a meal for someone or change the baby’s diaper, that sort of thing.

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    My biggest complaint is that a lot of places will not even pay their workers minimum wage for the jobs they do working at home. You really have to weed out the ones who don’t seem to care that they are paying really low wages and wanting quality work.

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    As a writer, my biggest problem is feeling blank and out of ideas. Sometimes, I just can’t concentrate on anything, so I learned to just take a break when that happens and go back to work when I feel more inspired.

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    Sometimes I tend to get a bit bored and distracted. My husband says that it’s probably because what I am currently doing is not something I’m really passionate about.

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    I guess my biggest complaint is that most work-from-home gigs don’t pay nearly as much as gigs you have to drive to clock into. I know work-from-home gigs also cost a lot less (no gas expenditure, no uniforms, etc.,) but it would be nice to see some higher paying gigs offered online.

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    My biggest complaint is when someone doesn’t pay you on time or at all. The downfall of working online is that you don’t really know who you are working for. I think it’s important to research the companies to make sure there are no complaints about payments or how the company responds to its workers.

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