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    How do you handle business calls when the kids are at home? Thankfully, my kids are old enough that I can talk to them before I call someone and they will generally be good for the duration. But sometimes a fight breaks out and I know once or twice a client has heard some scuffling or yelling, much to my embarrassment.

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    My daughter is getting better about being quiet when I’m on the phone. For the times when she’s misbehaving, though, I’ve had to do some pretty drastic things, such as lock the door of my office and climb into the back of the closet. And you’d better believe she was in big trouble when I was finally done!

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    I have a 2 year old. Business calls are pretty much impossible for me. When I do have to talk to take one, I try and take it to a quiet room where I can’t be bothered. Sometimes he can still be heard but usually he is pretty good.

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    My kids were grown and gone when I took a job with a calling center. However, the dog didn’t know he was not supposed to bark. I should have known better, but he had been so good, I just let him in my office with me. Of course, people were not supposed to know we were at home, so a dog barking created a very tense moment. Needless to say, he didn’t come in with me again!

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