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    Some people say that in order to really make money working at home, you need to have childcare for your kids. Part of the reason I’m working at home is to make income without having to spend it all on childcare. It certainly would be easier if I wasn’t doing double duty, though! Does anyone here use childcare while working at home?

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    I don’t use traditional childcare but I have a neighbor who also works from home and two days out of the week we watch each others kids so that we can get some work done uninterrupted. I also started working from home to save money on childcare.

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    I began working from home so I could be with my daughter, so childcare has never really been an option for me. My main motivation was that I didn’t want someone else helping to raise her.

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    Serendipity, you are very fortunate to have a neighbor who works at home and is willing to trade childcare. I only know one other person who works from home and she doesn’t have any kids.

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    There is no need since you find your child may not be troublesome. We need to be near our young ones to show love and company. You will not find them awake all the time.You can also buy toys for them so that they will be playing whenever you are working. Otherwise you will get used as time goes by.

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    Lately I have seen a few ads in our area that are looking for daycare from their home so while they work they still have someone looking after their little ones. Do a lot of people do this?

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