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    I have noticed a few friends on Facebook doing something similar to what I would think are direct sales, but it is all online. Is there any difference between the two other than not seeing the customer in person? Do they pay less if you are doing this online?

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    I have been considering direct sales, but just don’t feel comfortable inviting my family and friends to parties over and over again. I think that the Facebook way would be an alternative to that, and one I would welcome. Are there any direct sales companies you know of that can be done without the parties?

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    I am interested in this as well. I hate direct selling parties. I don’t want to be invited, and I don’t want to invite. Surely someone has come up with a business plan that is direct sales, but has an alternative to the home party.

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    I’ve sold Tupperware and even encyclopedias, back in the day. Direct selling is a legitimate way to make a lot of money, if you have the right personality. I know a young girl who sells Mary Kay, and is rich. She has that “go get um” personality that is so necessary for this job. I don’t have it, but if you do, direct selling is a great way to go.

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    This is the new age of direct selling! Tons of my friends are approaching their MLM companies through social media and other online avenues. I do think that the personal face-to-face connection goes a long way, but for the essential oil people for example (DoTerra and Young Living, etc.) the little Facebook memes with images and ways to use the oils are really great sellers.

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    Tabitha D

    Most traditional ‘party’ plans allow for what is known as ‘ghost parties’ which you can do simply by letting the hostess pass the catalog around to her friends. A lot will let you sell online, as well. Not all direct selling is done via parties, either.

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