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    I have only heard of this once and the marriage did not last, they were divorced in a year but for other reasons than both parents working at home. Are there any parent teams here who both work at home? What is different about your work compared to a single person in the residence working from home?

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    My husband works outside the home. I can’t imagine him working from home anyway. He goes crazy when he is here on the weekends. I don’t know of any couples that both work from home; it seems like that is almost non-existent. I think it would definitely get some getting used to if my husband was home working with me all the time.

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    My husband did work from home for a stretch of time while I was doing the same. There were challenges for sure, but we actually had a lot of fun encouraging & supporting each other, and bonded a lot over so much time spent together. It can be done!

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    My husband has a job outside the house, but we’re also starting our own business together. I have no problem being with him all the time (we’ve done it before), but we do argue sometimes about our business. That has nothing to do with how much time we spend together, though.

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    Tabitha D

    I have never worked from home with a husband doing the same, but I think that could be challenging. I worked at the same outside job with my ex-husband once and I had to find a different job. We’re too different, for one thing, and I think being together all the time can really get on your nerves – at least mine!

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