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    I used to spend a good portion of my day writing there, and I could make some money, too. But, to me, things really began to go downhill. First the scammers were rampant, then the rules about being paid were changed, and then I just stopped making any money. I left very frustrated with that site. Did anyone ever try it? Is anyone still writing there? Do you make money?

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    Marian Swift

    I tried it a long time ago, and spent most of my time reporting spam. While some well written bubbles could be found, there was a lot of sloppy silliness there as well.

    I never did write enough to make any money. Sites change, however, both for better and for worse. Last time I looked, the spam level had gone down considerably. I may look them up again.

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    I wrote there for a while, and yes, the spam level has gone down, but at the sacrifice of making money. New rules were put in place to limit the spammers, but there were also new rules about how and how much money could be made. It became totally not worth it.

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    Bubblews is a great source to get traffic to your blog or website as far as I know, but I wouldn’t really recommend it to make money. Since a lot of spammers started sprinkling their affiliate links everywhere, it’s not as good as it used to be.

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