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    This seems to be a very reputable website for writing, but has anyone here actually tried it, and made any money. I don’t think getting paid would be a problem, but I am concerned about how long it would take to see any return for my writing. Anyone know?

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    For me, the problem is traffic. With three articles there, I have 7 views and something like 2 cents. You make $2 per 1000 views, and I don’t see how you could possibly get that many views, unless you were really good at SEO, and maybe your article went viral. I would also love to hear what others had to say.

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    Is this a company that you can write about whatever you want? It seems like you don’t make that much money if all you are relying on is views. I’ve seen places where you can write articles and then you wait for someone to pick it up. Is this how this company works too?

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    This writing website only pays by views of your work? So how much you make would be dependent on how many people like your work? This sounds like it would be a reputation based writing, where you would need to build up viewers who would look for your work.

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    This sounds like Bubblews where you can submit short articles and get paid every time someone likes or comments on your content. I wouldn’t spend time on it honestly.

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