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    I loved Firefox for a long time but the constant updates (and then frequent crashes) and it being a memory hog got on my nerves. I switched to Chrome a few months ago and like it until recently. Now it seems to be not using Java properly, even when I made sure it was enabled.

    What is a good browser now, that can handle multiple tabs and doesn’t slow down all the time?

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    Marian Swift

    I mostly use Waterfox, which is basically a 64-bit version of Firefox developed by some folks from Mozilla. And yes, hang-ups, freezes and updates are still frequent, but I’m totally hooked on that “Foxy” interface.

    Since some sites, old and new, are designed for specific browsers, I also keep Chrome and IE on board.

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    I usually switch between Firefox and Chrome depending on what sites I visit. Some will only work with Chrome while others seem to work best with Firefox. Yes I have problems with freezing and crashing with both systems. I rarely use IE anymore, since a lot of sites I visit don’t seem compatible with it.

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    Marian Swift

    At my old workplace, we used to call IE “Internet Exploder” because of its many security issues.

    I understand that Microsoft has worked hard to improve security, but IE’s still my third choice; one used with reluctance, and only because some sites, typically older ones, still seem to prefer IE.

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    I’ve noticed a few sites still use IE but I’m on a MAC and they aren’t compatible. I use Firefox mainly but you’re right Marie, the constant updates and crashes are starting to get on my nerves! My husband swears by Google Chrome but I use it only occasionally.

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