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    I’ve been thinking about starting my own online freelance bookkeeping business. I’ve been trying to get started but I’ve been having a problem finding clients online that are willing to share their information with me. How can I get clients interested in what I have to offer and how do I let them know that I am trustworthy?

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    I’ve considered doing this too, but first I’d have to get trained, which I’d probably do through my local community college. I’d start heavily advertising, online and by dropping off my business cards at local companies.

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    I would suggest trying to book clients that you know or who are in your community that you can meet with face to face. Once you have established yourself and your business through word-of-mouth and testimonials should you reach out to others in the online community. I think you have to build up your credibility and client base first.

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    Thanks Serendipity, this is really good advice. I already have one client that is a friend. He has a small truck washing business and I help to keep track of his invoices and Accounts Payable. I would love to get a few more clients, but I just don’t know how to approach anyone else in the community. Do you know if there is some place that I can go to find people that are looking for this type of service?

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    That’s not really freelance – that’s starting your own business (and good for you!). With that type of business, you really do need to go local because it’s not just the digital aspects people need. In my area, most people have bookkeepers that go in to do their books periodically.

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