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    I was checking out some of the reviews for Crowdsource. They used to be on MTurk but have moved away from there. They have jobs for writers, usually 100 to 200 word jobs. Some of the reviews were okay but some said that once you write and submit it takes a while for it to be accepted. They also complain about the editors. Some will just find errors in everything you do and deny you payment, while others don’t know what they are doing.

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    That’s my main concern with sites like that. It is totally up to some individual whether you get paid or not. Apparently all editors don’t see eye to eye, and some are stricter than others. I just hate to put in a lot of work, and then have someone decide if I get paid or not based on some arbitrary rules.

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    Isn’t that just a content mill type of writing that you do there? I could be wrong. Anyway, if it is, I just don’t like that sort of writing. I can’t take a group of keywords that I know nothing about, and go write an article, even 100 words, without doing research. They don’t pay nearly enough for that.

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    I’m not sure if you have to research to write the content. I heard that the content has to make sense and be well written. They make you do two tests to be able to write for the company.

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