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    I thought I could do well on this website, since they can pay $5 or more for an article. This didn’t work for me, though, because everything they seem to want is all about SEO and keywords. I wish there was an article writing platform where we could just sell articles about topics without all the keyword stuff.

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    I tried Textbroker but at $5 per article, it’s pretty low pay. I suppose if you are a very fast writer it may be worth your time, but I didn’t care for it.

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    I agree. Aside from my problems writing for SEO, I found that I had to do some research before writing on any of their topics. The time for research plus the writing time, just makes $5 an article ridiculous.

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    I did sign up there, and was accepted, but the amount of time I had to spend researching each article made the pay just not worth it. I suppose you could make a decent amount, if you were already an expert in a field like finance or computers, and could just write, with very little research.

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    I tried Textbroker about two or three years ago but it took me too long to write the articles. Somehow they were always about topics I wasn’t familiar with so I always had to do research first. By the time you add research time + writing time, I wasn’t making anything.

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    I signed up for it and was accepted but there wasn’t really any articles that I was interested in. Not a whole lot of options to choose from. I think it’s a good opportunity if you can find an article subject that you are able to knock out in a few minutes but definitely not worth it if you have to research a topic.

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    I’ve never heard of this company before. How long do the articles have to be? I went to school for finance, but I would probably have to do research on the topics as well, because I’ve been out of it for so long. Five dollars doesn’t seem like enough money for all the extra things you need to do. I guess I’ll just keep looking for different places to write for.

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    I have heard of them but have never tried them before. Can you choose what to write about or do they give you jobs that you have to do?

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