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    Have any of you tried Quicktate or TranscribeMe for transcription work? I haven’t registered with either of them yet, but I have seen their names come up a good bit on another work at home mom community I visit frequently. I thought some of you might like to check them out too.

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    I have not heard of either of these two but I have been thinking about getting into this area. I hear that this is kind of one of the “new things” that people are liking, the only thing that worries me a bit is that many of the jobs listed are for medical things. I am not sure how easy transcribing medical terms would be.

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    Many companies specialize in medical or legal transcription, but there are a few that don’t. One that comes to mind is Daily Transcription. You might want to check them out.

    My dream is to one day work for Vitac. They are one of the companies that does the closed captioning for television shows. You can be an offline captioner where you transcribe the dialogue of a pre-recorded show, or you can be a realtime captioner where you caption a show as it airs. To be a realtime captioner you have to type really, really fast and, have a lot of experience. Someday, I will go for it.

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    I’ve looked at a lot of work at home possibilities, and transcription was one of them. I even went to a couple of websites and took the little tests they provide you with. I quickly learned that this was not a job for me. I could not understand a fourth of what was being said, and could certainly not get it down fast enough. The number of tries it would take for me to do a couple of minutes of transcription would make it a ridiculously low paying job. Hats off to any of you who can do this, it’s hard!!!

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    It is hard to do and it is the type of job where you need to be good at understanding and deciphering heavy accents and mumbling. If you are not a fast typist it takes time to get through a few minutes of talking.

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    I have thought about this too, but after listening to a couple of samples, I realized just how hard it would be. I admire anyone of you who would take this on! It was really hard to understand the people talking, and you will have to differentiate between who is who, and which person says what. Wow, that would be tough! Good luck!

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    The other thing I noticed with a lot of these transcription places is that their style guides are all different. I always thought English language editing was the same across the board but each one accepts different styles. I practiced a lot on MTurk doing transcription for different companies and would have a hard time keeping each company’s style guide in my head.

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