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    I have found that as a work-from-home mom, it’s really hard for me to garner respect from friends and family members. I really do ‘work’ but when I tell people I’m a WAH mom, their eyes start rolling immediately, almost as if to say, “Yeah right. You really just sit on your butt and watch TV all day.”

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    I think people have a tendency towards that type of thinking. We’ve been conditioned to think that working means going out and getting a job outside the home. In the future that will change as more people work from home instead of the traditional 9-5 job outside the home. Hard as it is, you just need to ignore those people that don’t believe you are working.

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    I’ve stopped trying to glean respect from those that only want to give it according to their own narrow set of standards. My husband’s side of the family treats me that way because his mom always worked outside the home (sometimes two jobs at a time) and that’s all they know. I just ignore it.

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    In my opinion, so many people are always scared of leaving that “secure” job and working from home because they think that it won’t be sustainable. I just ignore their comments.

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    A lot of people are not used to the idea that it is possible to work from home and make money. That is why they always have those kind of reactions.

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    When people criticize what I do or when they tell me that I need to find a “real” job, I just show them my PayPal stats. They can’t say anything after that 🙂

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      Ha ha, Andrea!! If that were a Facebook comment I would have to ‘like’ it. 😉 That’s about the best way to prove the doubters wrong — show them your income.

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