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    I think most of us refer to how many jobs we work as our “eggs,” so how many do you have going on right now? I know a lot of people think it’s a good idea to have several sources of income, but as a transcriber, I feel like that takes up most of my time. I have tried to add little things in here and there in the past, but I end up walking away to focus on transcription.

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    George McFly

    Four? I think four. One monthly job. One short term project. One long term thing. One article I am going to try and write

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    I have six jobs going on right now. I also do some transcription work and I agree that it can be the most time consuming. I had to create a schedule so that I could work on everything and not feel like I was neglecting something.

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    George McFly

    Nice. That is a lot at one time

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    I have about five jobs I do monthly. I do a few jobs that are crowd sourcing type jobs. I do a few article writing jobs. I also occasionally do some transcription jobs. I just started doing a texting job too. I am hoping to be able to make 500+ a month.

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    A lot… Lol I am all about the multiple sources of income. At one point I had 6 but I am way past that now.

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    Too many to count honestly. I have one long term project that I have been working since 2005, and then a lot of other jobs that I use to supplement the long term gig.

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