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    George McFly

    OK so I have been thinking longer term and freelance writing. Only thing is, I have no resume or portfolio and even places like peopleperhour ask for that. I really want to have a drop in place where I can throw up an article or two on whatever subject (My choice or theirs, it really doesn’t matter) and get paid whenever, BUT have pieces that when they get picked up, I can start accumulating into a portfoilio.
    I have heard the word content mill being bought up time and rime again and it tend to be with much barely contained disgust.
    Do I have a choice and if not is there better content mills than others if I must?

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    Hey George,

    Check out the writing jobs under “Types of Home Jobs.” There’s a lot of great no experience required companies for people starting out. My personal favorite is Text Broker, you write articles, press releases, etc. for other people/companies. It pays decent for just starting out and you can get some experience for your resume.

    Of course if you want a place to link back to and don’t like the companies on the list you can always write for wahtips. Just email writeforwahtips@wahtips.net pretty much being able to show a client that your work and that you are published somewhere can really help.

    Edit: I forgot to add before but also check out Diane’s articles on wahtips. She’s an awesome writer and has been freelancing for a long time. This article is great, http://wahtips.com/posts/want-to-be-a-wah-writer/

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    George McFly

    I did see a couple of her articles, but this is great too.
    I guess with me, my story is probably similar to a lot of people. I started a degree in Writing. Did well for the first year. Got bored, dropped out, meandered around different jobs. I got a position in Customer service and from there Sales positions.
    Years later and I am as far away from Writing as I had ever thought I would be.
    I liked writing, but I saw it as just something you can do as a hobby for your own amusement, and never pursued it.

    EDIT: Perhaps I should mention that I was not dismissing Diana’s article (in which she suggests that The Examiner is the best site for a newbie to start in), it is just that The Examiner is only open to US or Canadian citizens, which I am not.

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