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    How do you keep your office organized? My problem is really more of keeping my office supplies organized because they get mixed in with home-school supplies.

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    I don’t have a good solution to this. That said, I’m not highly motivated as I don’t need a lot of office supplies. Basically, I have a corner table, out of the way, with a stack of paperwork and a few other things I need. Terrible, right?

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    Mine is a work in progress. Part of the problem is that I am an office supplies junkie, and I buy way more stuff than I truly need. I only have a tiny portion of my living room designated as my office. Basically, I have folders for each company I work for with their rules and guidelines so I can refer back to them. I have a folder for bills that need to be paid and another for bills that have been paid. I have a calendar so that I can keep track of job, deadlines and pay dates, and a notebook for brainstorming.

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    I just got my office back (long story) and am working on getting it set back up again. I find that I work better if I’m ruthlessly organized. I have various things I use to get and keep it that way. Once you have it organized, you just have to make yourself put everything back where it goes after you use it. This will become a habit faster than you think.

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    Ladybug has the right idea about putting things away, but I have to admit I am terrible about that. My paperwork piles up and I don’t stay on top of filing it like I should. I have a new office space and I have been trying to do better, but I’m not sure that will last long.

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