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    I wanted to share with all of you my new work at home gig that I will be doing on the side. It’s, has anyone heard of it? Thoughts?

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    I have heard of Bubblews before and I know a few people who have made a pretty decent amount of money from it. I keep a running list of opportunities to check out and Bubblews is pretty near the top. 🙂

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    George McFly

    Wow. I hope you kill it Amanda.

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    I have heard a little about it but not really anything major so I can’t speak on how they work or how well it is. I would be appreciative if anyone here could give some tips about the place, it seems like the chatter about it has been heavy lately.

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    I have not heard anything about it. I just went an glanced at the site. It sort of looks like a cross between Tumblr and Facebook. I am going to have to take a closer look later today (when I need a procrastination break). Congrats on adding to your revenue stream!

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    I just went over to the site and took a look. It looks pretty interesting. So I am assuming that you can pretty much write about anything on that site, right? How much do you end up earning per visit? Is it really easy to meet the $50 minimum payout? This is definitely something that I will be looking into if so.

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