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    What’s the first thing that you look for when a job offer just doesn’t seem legit?

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    I want to know if they expect me to invest in stuff. There are many places that charge insane fees just to get free information which is already available online through a search engine. I avoid those places.

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    I agree Arcanaa. If someone is charging me a fee to work I avoid them. I can understand if there is specialized equipment you need, but if it costs a lot and I end up not working for them I’m out of the money. I usually search for reviews from people who have worked with the company. I like to know they are legitimate before investing my time with them.

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    I agree with Arcanaa. There are so many places online; mainly survey websites, that ask you to pay a fee in order to sign up with them. That’s clearly a scam in my opinion. As soon as I see something like that,I stay away.

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    George McFly

    I would always type in “(company name) scam” into the Google search engine.

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    I agree with Arcanaa, too. I’m always on the lookout for those “too good to be true” opportunities where you have to pay money in order to get started. I just feel like a work-at-home job should be like a work-away-from-home job; you shouldn’t have to pay… You should be getting paid!

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    George McFly

    I was nearly scammed earlier this week. It will cost the person doing it, the ability to work on Odesk.

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    What scam were they trying to run on you on Odesk, George? I’m not highly familiar with Odesk but I have been thinking about looking into it.

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    George McFly

    Ah yes, I wrote about this one in the questions thread. The guy won’t be in Odesk long

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    I always run the name of the company through a search engine with scam behind it to see what comes up. I do this whether or not I think the company might be a scam or not.

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    Like some of you, I run any potential company through a search engine with scam behind it. I also search online forums to see what people who have worked for them might have to say.

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    My first step is to look at company reviews. But I don’t take them all at face value. I read both positive and negative reviews. The truth is that even good companies can get bad reviews at times. I work for one company that you can find several reviews that call the job a scam. However, if you have worked for the company, you can tell that those people just aren’t a good fit with the job, and got mad about it. So I take some reviews with a grain of salt.

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    The very first thing I look for is if the job requires money upfront. Unless the money is for a background check, I hardly trust a job that requires money upfront. I also will Google the company and try to either read reviews or find information on them.

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    As most others have said, having to pay to work is clearly a scam. I think the only reason these scams still exist is because some people desperately need to work from home due to individual circumstances and when you’re desperate, you’re willing to take a chance even though you know deep down that it’s a mistake.

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    It’s not always easy figuring out what companies are scamming people and which are legit. I will search the company to see what is being said about them. I agree that t’s hard to tell if the review that says scam is really true or an angry employee.

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