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    My office is also my daughter’s playroom. I’d rather have a quiet space in which to work, but she’s only five and she wants to be near me, so she brings her toys in there and plays while I work. I guess this is pretty normal for work-at-home parents, right?

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    Both my sister and her husband work from home. They have a son about the same age as your daughter and he does the same thing. Sometimes he’s with his mom and sometimes with his dad. I guess it’s a normal thing for WAH parents.

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    I think this is definitely common for all WAH parents. I know that when my kids were younger they always wanted to be near me and see what I was doing. Of course that changes when they get older. Once my daughter hit the preteen years she spends most of her time in her own room and I hardly ever see her. Soon that office/playroom might be turning into just an office for you.

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    Yes, that sounds about right. I know I’ll miss this when they reach the stage of not wanting to be around all the time, but right now, in the thick of preschool and toddlerhood, having the office to myself sounds wonderful.

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    I don’t think there is much choice for most WAH parents. You can’t very well leave a 5-year-old playing by themselves elsewhere in the house. I would just make sure to schedule your most complicated tasks for times when the child naps or has gone to bed for the night.

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