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    Has anyone tried to be an online reseller on sites like eBay or Amazon? I’ve heard of people making a decent living with this type of online store. I’m sure there are down sides to it but I’m wondering if it is worth it?

    I’ve only ever sold one product on eBay for my son. He bought something that he also received as a gift and didn’t want to keep both since he only needed one. I sold it on eBay. The process of receiving your money from them is long and tedious until you become a long term seller.

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    This is something that I have also been thinking about recently, but I have no idea how to get started. I would love to have some tips too.

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    One of my friends is doing this and she’s making quite a decent amount of money with it. I have never gotten into it simply because it seems a bit hard to get started. But once you do, it’s worth the time invested.

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    @andrea, is it possible to make a living out of online reselling or is it just a bit of extra money? I would love to learn how.

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