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    I know that most places ask you for experience before you can apply to teach English online, but are there any places where you can get started for a lower pay and with no experience?

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    Probably, although I don’t know which schools specifically. There are a lot of online schools to choose from now (DeVry, Phoenix, and WGU come to mind right off the bat) and I can’t imagine ALL of them required experienced teachers right off the bat.

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    This is just my opinion but your best bet will probably be those online schools that advertise certificates or even high school diplomas as opposed to the ones like DeVry that are offering four or six year degrees. Lower level schools will probably require less experience than higher level schools.

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    I have heard of some companies where you can teach using Skype, but I am not sure if they require a lot of experience. Also, I have no idea about how much they pay.

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