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    I have seen a number of places online that require you to pay for the background check they will preform on you before even interviewing for a position. Are these really worth it? I have yet to see any that state something like “if you come back clean we will refund you a portion of the fee”.

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    I think West at Home makes you pay for a background check. I know that they are a legit place to work. I think they do an interview, though, before making you pay for a background check. I would be so careful with any job that ask for money upfront. That makes me so nervous!

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    Paying for your own background check is becoming pretty common in the offline world too. My husband is a chef, and he is applying for work at an affluent retirement community and he has to pay for the pre-employment drug test, background check, and fingerprints. I don’t mind that we have to pay for these things because they will reimburse you for it if you are hired, but I wish they would do the interview first.

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    That absolutely boggles me. All of my previous jobs that required drug tests and background checks took care of those things during orientation. It’s strange to me that they would screen first and do interviews later. The economy must be worse than I thought.

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    I’ve never paid for my background checks, so this is new to me. My guess is companies are now trying to save themselves money by having the applicant pay for the check. I would be loathed to pay for a background check when I don’t have the job. I would expect this to be the last condition of employment and not the first part of the interview process.

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