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    Has anyone tried these sites for getting paid to post on forums. I have tried both, and don’t really like Forum Wheel as all. It was my experience that you just weren’t given enough variety of forums to post in. I couldn’t find but one that I even knew anything about. Postloop has lots of forums, but for some reason I just can’t get into it. Five cents a post just seems like almost nothing to me. Anyone else?

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    Yes, I’ve done Postloop. Some of the forums are interesting but I did find the pay was low. I believe you are also dependent on the forums grading your work. If you had a forum owner who can’t be bothered, you get no grading from them.

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    That was a problem I had with Forum Wheel. I got a good score on my sample posts, but after posting in a forum there (a long, detailed, grammatically correct post, I might add), the owner gave me a low score. I’m done with them. I don’t like to depend on the whims of several different people.

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    I’m not familiar with Forum Wheel but I’ve heard of Postloop. I almost got started with them about a year ago but the pay seemed really low. It was something like five or eight cents a post and that doesn’t really even seem like it’s worth the time it would take to write the posts.

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    I’ve heard of Postloop and I have written for them in the past, but like everyone else it just wasn’t worth my time. Plus it seemed to take forever before you can get the more interesting forums unlocked. I’ve never heard of Forum Wheel, but if it is anything like Postloop, I won’t be wasting my time.

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    I have never heard of either. Anyway, from what everyone has written here, I guess neither of these platforms is worth investing time on. $0.05 per post is ridiculous.

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    5 cents per post? Are they joking? How long do the posts have to be? I think they don’t really care about the quality of the content if they pay that much.

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    I think this kind of work is really time consuming, and for what you get for it, it’s not worth it for me. I am sure there are other places where you get paid better.

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    I work at Postloop. Yes, it’s not a lot of money, but if you play it right, it can help supplement your other work. What I do is to take on only forums that I actually enjoy and know the topics, first of all. I just work on it when I need a break from my other activities and don’t make myself do a certain number of posts. That way, it’s more like fun for me, that happens to earn me some extra cash.

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