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    I would really like to try doing this, but most jobs I see require experience. Even though I think I do this all the time, with whatever I am reading, it doesn’t count as experience. I have recently seen some advertising for courtroom transcript proofreading. I’m betting this would be very hard, but don’t know. Anyone tried any kind of proofreading? How did you get your experience?

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    Good question! I would be interested in seeing the answer to this. I think this would be a very cool job to have, and you are right. It’s something we readers tend to do anyway. I would like to do fiction, and maybe light non-fiction. I’m afraid anything medical or legal would involve too many things the average person wouldn’t understand.

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    This would be an great job. The courtroom transcript proofreading would be interesting. Can you imagine what you would read with that job? Proofreading for a writer is another interesting one. I wonder how you get these types of jobs?

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    A family member does editing work from home and she seems satisfied with the pay; she says she feels like it’s worth her time. The only thing she doesn’t like is that a writer submits the paper, she edits it, and then it sits on the market until it’s picked up by a buyer. Until then, neither she nor the writer get paid.

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    I would really love to have a job editing and proofreading. I don’t have any experience in this either so I have no idea how to get started.

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    Zerys hires editors and proofreaders, I don’t know a whole lot about them or if you need to start out as a writer but here’s the link if you’re interested.

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    This is also something that I am very interested in doing. I know that it is something that I would be really good at, but like everyone on here I don’t have the experience to back me up. I wonder if there is some type of course that you can take to get certified and if that would help you land the job?

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    I would also love to try this out. Thanks for sharing that link, Amanda. I will head over to Zerys and apply there. It would be interesting to see how it goes.

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