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    Marian Swift

    I’ve been retired for a few years and doing okay, but more income would be nice.

    When I was still working, I’d pick up the occasional freelance gig. I enjoy writing, so I’ve begun to look at online freelance opportunities.

    An increasing number of sites now require a resume, just as they would for prospective employees. My work history is solid, but it’s not exciting, nor is it recent. Any suggestions?

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    First of all, if it is relevant, I would include it, recent or not. Then, I just add whatever online writing I have done, include a website, if you have one. Give them url’s to find the writing you have done. Also, add any volunteering or hobbies that might be relevant. We retired folks do lots of stuff that would look good on a resume, it just may not be the traditional sort of thing.

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    Marian Swift

    Many thanks, calicocat!

    My online writing presence is somewhat light, but I need to work to change that.

    In other research, I discovered the concept of a “skills-based” resume; one based more on, well, skills than dates and places. It looks like the ideas you’ve given.

    Your kick-start is much appreciated!

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