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    Self-publishing has become a way for many to create their own work at home lifestyle. I have published three coloring books this fall and have many more coming out. I’ll also be adding products created with my art through sites like Zazzle. I’m not earning a lot at this point but I know people who do very well. Maybe we could get a category for this?

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    What types of coloring books have you published, Marie? I know adult coloring books are becoming all the rage now. I’ve seen a few friends who are buying these books and say they enjoy coloring them. It calms them and helps them concentrate better.

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    I now have six books published for adult colorists. Five of them are mandala-style symmetrical designs, which are always pretty popular, and one of them is my own hand-drawn art.

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    Oh wow! How creative, Marie! I never would have thought to do something like this. It just goes to show you that the possibilities are nearly limitless if you are creative and determined.

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    Tabitha D

    I have a friend who self-publishes fiction and she’s been very, very successful with it. It took her a couple of years but she’s developed a huge following and she publishes through Createspace exclusively.

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