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    For quite a few years I spent time doing surveys online for different companies. It was a frustrating experience because some of those places had you spend twenty minutes answering questions and then boot you out. I found I was doing a lot of work for very little money. I have one site I will do the occasional survey for but have otherwise stopped using survey sites. Anyone with good experience doing these surveys?

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    Nope, no good experiences. I get booted out a lot, too, plus I hate answering the same questions over and over. The further into a survey you go, the more the questions repeat themselves, and I just find myself stopping right in the middle. No money there!

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    Oh, I hate doing surveys! Even the ones that are supposed to be good to work for are bad. I actually got accepted at Pinecone Research, which is a good one, but have only gotten one survey from them in a very long time. Others are boring, and not worth the time you spend.

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    When I was researching work at home jobs I read reviews about survey companies. The common complaints were spending 15 to 20 minutes answering questions and then being told it wasn’t a good fit for them. That’s time spent that you can’t get back and could have done something somewhere else. The other complaint was the pay. Some said it was too low and sometimes would take 2 months to be paid out.

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    Yeah maybe we should add surveys to the Scam Alert category (what a great idea by the way). I have NEVER had a good experience with survey jobs, I was only able to get through 2 of them for a couple of days each before I gave up. Time suck, no money, unreliable.

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