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    I would like to get into the ESL industry. Does anyone know of legit companies that hire online ESL tutors? It would be great to compile a list of all the different opportunities.

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    I am going to update with new companies that hiring online tutors but until I research everything here’s a legitimate company hiring online tutors.

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    Sorry the link didn’t post.

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    What credentials do you need for online tutoring jobs? Do you need to be a certified teacher or just have an ESL course certificate? Do you also need to be an experience tutor before you can apply to these jobs?

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    Here’s a website that will give you some more information on ESL certifications. http://education-portal.com/articles/How_to_Become_a_Certified_ESL_Teacher.html

    I don’t have a lot of knowledge when it comes to ESL so I advise researching as much as possible if you are thinking of going that route. For your average tutoring positions a lot of times you don’t need a degree in fact a lot of college students tutor as a source of income while going to school. You usually will have to take an assessment to prove that you really know your stuff and some companies may require at least an associates or bachelors in the field you want to tutor so it does depend on the company however generally a degree isn’t required.

    I will be posting a bunch of links to tutoring/esl jobs next week, it’s taken me a little longer then I expected to research these jobs.

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    Great question. I tutor local high school students. I do not have a teaching degree. I have a finance degree. I tutor kids in any business or math class. I just contacted the local high school and sent them a resume. They have actually shared my information with a lot of students. I don’t teach ESL though.

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    Whether or not you have to have a teaching certificate just depends on what company you contract for. Most of them require a college degree but they don’t all require the degree to be in education.

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    George McFly

    I recently visited Chiang Mai in Thailand. A lot of Aussie ex-pats there. Most of the opportunities Aussies have over there consist of either working for themselves or working as a teacher teaching English and they have ESL courses for Aussies to do that.

    It is a good opportunity for someone wanting to travel.

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    I have a number of friends who live in Japan and work as English teachers. From what I understand, there are a number of companies that employ English speakers, even if they don’t have a degree. I’m not sure whether I could find similar work in the United States without having some kind of certification, but I’m sure there are positions with literacy agencies.

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    English is not a problem with us, but we do have one if you have any extra resources to share. Are you able to track down a legit way to help out my youngest? We are having some issues when it comes to math, nothing major but I have yet to find anything that works for her and keeps her excited about it while also refreshing some of the things they are learning in school now.

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