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    There are a couple of reputable companies that hire you to score standardized tests. I have actually tried out for one of these, and even had a phone interview. I was hired, and then I never heard from them again. I know this is not a scam, and they are legit companies; I just guess I got lost in the shuffle. I think I would like to do this though. There is training and everything. Anyone here actually worked for one of theses companies?

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    I didn’t even realize they had jobs like that. I wouldn’t mind doing that for some extra income. Could you share the names of the companies you found?

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    Tests scare me. I have never been great at taking them and the idea of the assessments just give me a bit of a rattle to be honest. I have seen a few places that require up to a dozen assessments before the phone interview. Is that normal?

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    I am familiar with these too.There are three companies that I know about. ETS, Measurement, Inc., and Pearson. These are all legitimate test scoring companies. Buster, you are not being assessed. You just go through a regular hiring process, and then they will make tests available to you to score. It’s somewhat seasonal because people take tests at specific times during the year. SAT’s are generally at a certain time, etc.

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