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    My kids think that I can volunteer any time that they want me to. I try to tell them that I have deadlines still even though I’m working at home. Do you volunteer a lot at your children’s school?

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    I’ve volunteered for a few of the school trips which were fun and interesting. Some of the parents volunteer weekly, which is something I can’t do. I just don’t have the time to do it. The kids are fine with it.

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    Exactly! My kids would like me to volunteer every week. That would be twice a week. I do go to each classroom every other week. So I am there once a week. I also like to sign up for the fun things.

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    I did a little for the short time my kids were in school (instead of homeschooling). I am constantly surprised at how many friends with kids in school report that the schools expect them to show up to things during the day. Don’t most parents work?

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    My kids are also homeschooled, but I know the schools here expect a lot of parent involvement. I imagine that most parents WANT to be involved, but they do have to work and most employers aren’t thrilled with them skipping out on work very often.

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    My daughter’s school is pressuring me to volunteer. I don’t mind doing it in the evenings but during the day I’m working. They seem to think that since I’m at home, I’m free to help them out.

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    I would think that would be very irritating. If you work from home, the general population just doesn’t understand that time constraints exist for you too. It’s very hard to be taken seriously, and you just have to take a stand, and say no.

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    I have done this as well, but not on a weekly basis. I know a lot of parents who come in almost every day and my daughter doesn’t understand why I don’t do this. In fact, her teacher has often said to me that I should come in more often since I stay at home. I have tried to explain to her that even though I am home, I am still working. She just doesn’t seem to understand how my work schedule is.

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