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    What do people say when you tell them you work from home? Family members always assume every company is a “fly by night” company, no matter how popular the company is.

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    I think people are just starting to appreciate that people can work from home. My family is more concerned about how much you can actually earn working from home. I wonder if they think it’s an excuse not to find a job? I’m very good at ignoring negative comments about how I live my life.

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    A lot of people definitely think that it is not a “real” job or that it is an excuse not work. I have also run into a lot of disrespect for my working hours. People think that I can just do whatever, whenever just because I work from home instead of in an office.

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    Well it depends on who I tell. Some people understand it and really think I’m doing something great while some people just decide to believe that working from home or online is not possible. Like Penelope said,they think it’s not a real job.

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    George McFly

    The irony is that it is likely a lot tougher than what they do.

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    While most of my family and friends don’t respect my working hours and think I play on the computer all day, when strangers or acquaintances ask what I do, the response I get is usually along the lines of, “I wish I could do something like that.” I typically just smile and let it go, though, because I don’t think most people realize how much hard work is involved in finding the right niche with the right pay with the right amount of flexibility, and so on.

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    George McFly

    I hear you there. 🙂

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    I get a lot of, “How much do you make working from home?” After my response, which is usually something to the effect of, “A few hundred dollars a month,” they say, “Oh, that’s not even worth it! You need to go back to work.” — Like what I do at home isn’t work.

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    I personally got a lot more respect after I started working for Apple. It’s rough finding jobs in my tiny city and most of the jobs are minimum wage so I ended up making more than most people in my area. Before that though I was making around $2,000 a month doing a lot of different things, mostly customer service and sales, that’s when I started helping people find legitimate work at home. This website was originally just emails and phone calls that I sent out to people who wanted to know where to look for jobs and some tips on making it work.

    I’ve been doing this for 8 yrs and it’s so much easier now than it was when I first started. Scams were a lot more common and legit jobs were few and very far between.

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    I think the work at home sector will continue to grow as employers find that many of the costs of employing people can be defrayed by letting some workers work from home.

    I agree with you guys that a lot of people don’t understand it is truly work, truly a job when working from home. It takes putting in the hours and doing the work to be successful.

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    I think it depends on who I talk to. When I tell people that I write for a few online companies they look at my like I’m crazy. If I tell people I do office work at home they are usually more accepting. I think we might see this way of thinking change a bit in the next few years. We will probably see more places doing work at home jobs. I actually know quite a few people who work at home. My mom even works at home for the hospital in my town.

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    People definitely don’t understand when I tell them that I work from home. Right now I don’t make a ton of money because I am just starting out and I am trying to find my niche. I also live in a small town and it has been very hard to find a job, especially when you have kids. So my husband and I decided that I would look for work that I could do at home and we are perfectly okay with making just a few hundred dollars a month.

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    I think it is becoming a lot more common to hear of people working from home now. This certainly helps. My husband has worked his own business out of our house for years and his parents still think he has no job. It’s harder for older people to understand that you can make money working at home.

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    I haven’t told any of my family members (or friends) that I’m trying to work from home. I just told them that I left to keep my kids out of daycare, and possibly to homeschool later on down the line.

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