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    I just started working for TranscribeMe. So far I’m really enjoying it, it’s easy to knock out the snippets. But I’ve been at it for about an hour and have racked up around $10 (I believe it’s $20 per audio hour). Is this typical? Seems low, although otherwise I would have just been laying in bed!

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    Hey I was just asking a similar question to this. I would love to know the answer. I am making about the same or less but wasn’t sure if I will get faster over time maybe?

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    I’ve heard that you can be paid by the audio hour or by the word. I’m not sure I’d do the job for less than $15 an hour. I don’t think there are many sites out there paying that amount though.

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    Yeah I had to ditch the gig I was working. It took me way too long to complete the job versus the payout. I was already ranking up with their most experienced employees time-wise, so not much room for improvement. I’ll post if I find something better!

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    When I did transcription, I was paid by the word. I think it actually works out better if you’re paid by the word. One hour of audio would take me two to three hours to complete, so $20 per audio hour would break down to less than $7 an hour.

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