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    I keep seeing the commercials where you can work with local schools online as a teacher. Does anyone here do this? I would love to know more about it from a teaching perspective. We are thinking about enrolling our kids into one of the online schools. How much time are you spending with each of your students?

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    George McFly

    I did correspondence for a year when I was travelling around Australia. It was a solid 2-3 hours each day. This is before the internet. It was 1983.

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    I’ve looked at some online tutoring jobs in the past. I am confident I could do the job, but I don’t have any teacher qualifications, and they all want teacher qualifications. Then again, the economy is so bad, I have a friend who has great credentials, B.A. from a highly rated school, M.A. from a Big Ten school, and homeschooled her own children. She could not get hired as an online tutor!

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    George McFly

    That sucks. I have heard the economy in USA is pretty bad.

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    It’s surprisingly difficult, even for people with certifications and degrees. The friends I have who do skilled trades are making more than friends with graduate degrees. The job market is a little scary in the States right now.

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    I’ve been wondering this as well. I know that the economy is starting to pick up now, but I have friends who have really good teaching degrees and they haven’t been able to get hired anywhere either. They definitely don’t make things easy for people who have really good degrees. In fact, a friend of my husband just got offered a warehouse job where he will make $21 to start and get free benefits. It makes me a little mad because I have a B.A. in Accounting and I can’t find a job where I make that kind of money!

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    I could be wrong, but I think online tutoring and online teaching are really two different things. Online tutoring should not always require a degree, nor should it be that hard to find. You can even start your own tutoring business. On the other hand, online teaching will probably require a certificate, and you will be working for a specific school or company. That makes hiring more difficult, as there many not be many openings.

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    A lot of the teaching positions my friends ended up in were because of their friends in the teaching industry getting them in. That seems to be how it is today. It’s who you know. Some of the online tutoring jobs require a degree Sunny18.

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    I feel sorry for some of these kids coming out of university as teachers and not being able to find work in their field. I’ve worked with a couple of teachers who were doing administrative work to make ends meet. They were having trouble finding teaching positions and did not want to leave the area to find work.

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