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    Are there any other work-from-home college students here? If so, how do you balance the time it takes to get all of your schoolwork and studying done against the time it takes to find and finish freelance work?

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    I just try to keep a schedule and a calendar of what is due when. I am not actually in school right now, but my husband is. He works a full-time job and has class two nights a week so I help with a lot of the written work. 🙂

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    It’s not easy. I don’t go to school full-time, which helps, but then I am only working towards a certification since I already have a degree. A paper calendar really helps me too, even more than an electronic one.

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    I’m not in school, but I would imagine that organization is the key to success when you have that much on your plate. Keeping a calendar and daily to-do lists would probably be a big help.

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    I just graduated last year so I know how tough this is. I have to agree with everyone and say that a paper calendar put in a place where you can see it all the time is one of the best ways to go. I think it would have been harder if I was going to a college where I had to attend classes, but I chose to attend an online college which made it easier to schedule my work and class loads.

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    One of the ways I keep everything straight is by laying out a daily regimen of work that needs to be done, both in school and online. I keep up with it in Excel; each column is a separate day and each row is a separate assignment or job.

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    I did a lot of WAH stuff in college and for me the key was leaving my dorm room or apartment to work, just like you would for an on-site job. I’d go to the library, a study room, or computer lab at a set time every day.

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