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    I love cooking and so I was thinking to start writing recipes and get paid for it. Is there such a website or platform where people can do that?

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    I am not sure about a self-paced type of gig that you can do this with, but I was a freelance recipe developer for a food blog for about a year. I will warn you that it can burn you out on cooking. But this is more like an editorial job, you have to approach the editor of a blog or magazine.

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    This would be a really cool WAH job. I love reading recipes and finding new ones to try. I’d love to get a job where you try out the recipes and give your opinion of what you though of it. Even uploading recipes to a site would interest me.

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    Tabitha D

    There are two things that come to mind immediately. One is to be a blogger and share your recipes with the world. You would be able to earn by ad programs like Google or affiliate programs like Amazon (to cooking related items). Another way would be to publish your own cookbooks through something like Createspace.

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