7 Exercises You Can Do Right In Your Chair!


You could not afford sitting the entire day without doing anything else. It doesn’t matter if this is the nature of your job, you still have to do some physical activities. Otherwise, you might suffer from a lot of problems.

Aside from gaining weight, you might also suffer from heart attack. Studies have revealed that sitting the entire day is just as dangerous to your heart as smoking. This gives you more reasons to exercise on your chair even while you are at work.

There is nothing to worry about disruption of work. These tasks can be easily done. In fact, you can do them without catching the attention of other people. Simple squats, leg exercises and arm stretching would suffice.

Just keep doing these exercises every now and then. It also helps that you stand from your seat and move to different areas in the office. Find the farthest toilet so you can walk more. Use the stairs instead of the lift.

It might be weird at first, but you will eventually realize that it is not that difficult. You just need to be consistent with your physical exercises to achieve great results.

The infographic below teaches the other techniques on how you can stay fit by exercising on your chair. If you feel lazy or you think that you have a lot of things to do at work, just think of the negative effects of being seated for the whole day. This is enough to remind you to stand up and move.

7 Exercises You Can Do Right In Your Chair!

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