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If you’ve ever thought of selling products directly online or through parties, there are plenty of options to choose from. One of the more popular products to sell these days is candles, and you have several companies to choose from, including companies that tout non-toxic wax and even candles with jewelry inside as an added bonus.

Jewelry in Candles is one such company that offers jewelry in candles, as the name obviously tells you. It’s also one of the bigger and better known companies out there for candle sales, and they use soy candle wax for clean burning. The website doesn’t have a lot of information about how the program works for sellers, as the link for becoming a representative is your application to be considered for the position. They do offer wholesale if you want to buy up front and then sell your items after the fact, or presumably you can place an order after you’ve made sales as well.

Judging from conversations and forms, it looks like you do need to place a least $150 in orders every 90 days to remain active with the program. They also offer starter kits for representatives to use as sales tools. At the time of this writing, they are offering a free website for anyone who purchases a kit, but the prices are not listed on the site for the starter kits themselves.

Another major player in the candle sales market is Mia Bella Scent–Sations. There isn’t any jewelry in the candles, but they offer a wide range of gourmet scents and a line of beauty products to diversify your sales potential. For those interested in selling these products, you can choose their Associate program where you pay a one-time fee of $9.95 with no quotas. You get a discount on candles, but you’ll still pay roughly 15% to 30% more than those who join the Autoship program.

Those in Autoship must maintain sales of at least $39.95 monthly to enjoy a cheaper discount, as well as a free website for selling the products. Those in the Associate program must pay $14.95 a month for a website, so almost half of your quota is compensated by waiving the website fee. There are other benefits for higher sales figures, which can be explored in more depth at their website.

Scentsy is a hugely popular candle selling program that you may have heard of already. Earn up to 30% commission as long as you qualify for a monthly sales award, and starter kits can be bought for as little as $99. They also offer live phone support and you can get a website to sell products free for your first 3 months, to help keep your costs low while you’re building your business. Then pay $10 a month after your three month period.

This company also offers a line of bath and body care to add a mix to the products you offer. The latest posts in the forums say that there isn’t really a quota per se, but they do ask that you have at least a $150 party every three months — they may not be calling it a quota, but basically, that’s a quota.

There is no minimum requirements to sell for beFragrant, but you are required to buy a starter kit when joining. The starter kit will cost at least $110 with shipping included, depending on whether you go with the most basic or larger starter kit.

To be honest, I found the commission structure chart a little confusing, but they have different levels you achieve depending on your level in the company, such as Topaz Consultant, Ruby Consultant, and Diamond Consultant. Unfortunately, your level isn’t determined by sales figures as much as its determined by how many others you recruit to sell candles as well. It looks like there’s a standard 25% commission for all sellers, but as you move up the ladder into the higher consultant levels, you do get additional bonuses.

Pink Zebra offers candles as well as a line of lotions and soaps, and to get started with this company you do need to purchase a starter kit. The starter kits cost $99-$199, with the latter including $375 worth of merchandise, according to their site. If that’s the case, that can help you recoup most, if not all, of the expense of the starter kit. For September 2014 they are running a special on their starter kits of 30% off, so if you’re interested in this opportunity, don’t hesitate to sign up as soon as possible. You also get a personal website, and a 25% commission with bonuses based on sales and recruitment of more members to your team.

There are a few other companies out there such as Jewel Scent, which is another line of candles with jewelry, offering up to a 35% total commission and starter kits (required) starting at $99. You get a website and there are no quotas, but there is a monthly $10 fee.

SoyL Scent also offers jewels in their candles, and a free signup with no quotas, per se, just a purchase of any size each month. You can also get your commission checks weekly if paid through Paypal (monthly if by print check.)

Many candle companies offer similar compensation and commission plans, so it comes down usually to finding the one who offers the products you love. Because the best salespeople can tell you it makes a huge difference when you’re selling a product you love. Not to mention you want to enjoy the perks of discounted candles for yourself.






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