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Skill building and experience is as important to a work at home job as much as a brick and mortar job. Employers are always going to choose the person who has the skills and experience they require. There are a few skills that I will cover in this article but different jobs require different experience so always research what is going to be required before you apply for a position.


Typing well is important for every wah job. Usually companies prefer 60 wpm although there are data entry jobs which require a typing speed of 70+ wpm. Touch typing is very important and can be easily taught. If you would like to learn about touch typing you can take free lessons here Besides data entry, other positions where typing fast is important are customer service agents, writing, live chat, tech support, and anything where you need to input information quickly.

Motivation/Self Starter

Being able to be motivated enough to work on your own is probably one of the most important things when it comes to working at home. Working at home can be difficult when you need to rely on yourself to get your work done. Although there are resources with wah jobs, it still can be difficult when your direct supervisor is dealing with hundreds of other people.

It’s easy to lose motivation and people won’t push you to do what you have to if you work at home. This is especially true as an independent contractor, since you are technically working for yourself it can be even more difficult. Nobody is going to hold you accountable if you miss work or don’t finish a project on time. The thing that pushes you is that if you don’t work today you won’t get paid. For some people that’s enough but others still have a difficult time. Working at home definitely isn’t for everyone.

People Skills

No matter what job you get you are going to deal with people at least some of the time. Working at home can make speaking with people more difficult. A lot of times you are talking via chat or a forum and I’m sure everyone has experienced that moment when something you typed was taken completely different then what you meant. On the phone it can also be difficult, although someone can hear the inflection in your voice, speaking face to face is completely different.

The mix of voice inflection, body movements, and posture can actually make a huge difference in what type of impression you are making. When you are chatting online you don’t get that opportunity, you rely on how other people read how you type. Before ever sending an email, chat, or comment always reread and imagine you are the people who are reading this. Make sure it professional, it can be difficult online since you are home and relaxed but you are still in a business setting.

Make sure you don’t accidentally offend someone, it can be very easy to accidentally single out a group of people, for example if you just got off a terrible customer service call and want to vent, it’s always a good idea to keep it to yourself, however sometimes you just need to get your frustration out so make sure to avoid describing the customer (age, sex, religion, ethnicity, etc.) you should never single out any group of people.

Another thing to remember is to avoid politics (or any controversial topic) with customers or coworkers, it never works out well. This all may seem like common sense but I have seen it all from people I have worked with, it’s very easy for someone to get too comfortable because they are at home.

These are all skills that you can work on before working at home and will get better and better as you get more wah experience. It’s amazing how much you learn after getting your first wah job. If you need any help with skill building or want advice on what jobs meet your work experience you can chat me, post in the forums or email me at



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