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Skyword2Skyword is a company that matches writers with companies seeking content for their websites. Because it works with so many different clients, the pay scales and requirements vary greatly, but I can personally vouch that writing assignments can go as low as $10/article to $120/article, the former example being websites that just want quick daily content, and the latter requiring a nursing education and license. Some are performance-based on page views to your content.

You sign up with the site and spend some time setting up your profile and resume, as well as samples of writing that prospective clients can view to see if your experience matches their needs. Then you’ll be “invited” to program where you agree to their terms and read their guidelines, after which you’re free to start claiming assignments… if any are available. Or pitch ideas of your own.

Some clients have you pitch all ideas for articles and then approve or deny them. Some have a list of assigned topics, and that seems to only operate on a monthly basis. Typically, they’ll add the month’s approved assignments to the queue at once, and then it’s open season for all writers in a program to claim them. But the catch is you can only claim one or two at a time, depending on the program, and you must submit those completed articles before claiming more.

That’s great if you get in there right when the titles are first posted and can hammer away at one after another till you get your fill. If you don’t get in right away you’ll get the cold leftovers. And if you just rush through and turn in substandard work to move on to the next one as quickly as possible, you may get dropped from the program.

Editing times can vary, although they are SUPPOSED to edit them first come, first served. I know that does not always happen firsthand. And I have had one article get sort of lost in limbo in the editing process, till I inquired. Speedy editing determines how fast you get paid because anything approved by the 15th of the month you’ll be paid for the last day of the month by Paypal, and anything approved by the last day of the month you’ll get paid for on the 15th.


  • Some excellent pay rates
  • Ability to pitch your own ideas
  • Can work when you want, as long as you meet deadlines
  • Articles are usually fairly short, with minimum word requirements around 300-400 words
  • If something comes up near deadline, you can usually get a 48 hour extension


  • Monthly assignments dumped in queue all at once
  • Can have lengthy editing times, delaying payment for up to six weeks or more after submission
  • Clients may suspend programs with no notice, and Skyword’s program managers aren’t always good about communication this to writers
  • You can’t see what other programs they have besides your own, nor inquire about joining them. You have to wait for random invitations out of the blue
  • Setting up your profile and resume does take some time, but it’s what sells you to clients


2 thoughts on “Skyword Review

  • July 23, 2015 at 6:53 am

    This sounds pretty interesting. If it’s based on passing an article before being able to do another, does it take a long time to make any decent money off of this site?

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