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Do you love jewelry? Have you ever thought of opening up your own online store or home party business? If so, jewelry direct sales may be a great work-at-home opportunity for you. It could just be the jewelry junkie in me talking, but this particular niche in direct selling seems like it could lead down a slippery path to addiction, and “using” more of your product than you sell. But there are some really great jewelry companies out there offering not only a wide variety of designs, but plenty of great options for making sales.

The Best Bargain
Paparazzi Jewelry holds the distinction of having the most economical prices on the market, with every piece of jewelry being offered for only $5. This is great for your customers and bound to generate sales. But of course, bear in mind that that means greatly reduced commissions selling such inexpensive products. This company does ask you to buy your inventory upfront, but obviously with such discounted prices you can buy a lot of product for a relatively small amount of money. That also means you get your commissions upfront at a rate of 45%. They do not have catalogs or do customer orders directly from the company. Their structure for representatives is a bit different in that respect compared to most jewelry companies out there.

I have to be honest, their jewelry just doesn’t appeal to me. But take a look at what they have to offer, because it doesn’t take a great stretch of the imagination to figure out some great ways to sell this line, such as flea markets and festival booths where one can make brisk sales, especially with the holiday season coming up. These pieces scream “stocking stuffers.”

More Moderately Priced
If you’re willing to upgrade a little bit and try to sell moderately priced jewelry, the quality and style just goes through the roof in this group. Mialisia offers an amazing line of very versatile jewelry, so that even with as little as two pieces of jewelry, you can create multiple looks. This would obviously be a great selling point, and the prices are very reasonable. You would need to purchase a starter kit for $99 to get started, and they do expect you to generate at least $100 in sales every 90 days to remain active. You cannot discount the products or sell them at any other online retail site except the website the company creates for you.

Just Jewelry also offers a very reasonably-priced and very chic line of jewelry, with a 50% commission on your sales. You’ll need to make a minimum purchase of $99 for a basic starter kit, and they do provide a website for your business, as well.

The High End
Silpada can be a bit pricey, but is very high quality jewelry made out of sterling silver. The value is there, but higher prices narrow down your potential clientele. You’ll earn a 30% commission on sales and need to purchase a starter kit which starts at $149. You can make sales through parties or through your personalized online store.

Keep Them Coming Back
There are some jewelry stores that specialize in products that the buyer personalizes with charms and mementos to “tell a story.” Origami Owl is probably the best-known of these companies, offering various items like a clear locket pendant that you customize with charms of your choosing to create your own design. Because of the ability to personalize and change the jewelry, once your customers buy the basic pieces, you have the opportunity for repeat sales if they decide to change the charms and jewels inside. They offer commissions of 50% on charms, plates and dangles, and 30% on all other jewelry.

South Hill Designs is another company that offers customizable jewelry items and charms. They offer a great startup option on kits for only $59 to get your business going. Earn a 40% commission on your sales and build a team of other sellers to earn more from those you recruit.

If you’re serious about making this a business, think about your potential buyers when choosing the best jewelry sales line for you and the one that will most likely earn you the best commissions between costs and sales. Also, think about the perks of selling jewelry and all those discounted pieces, and choose something you’ll love to have and wear, which is the best marketing tool available.


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  • July 26, 2015 at 1:47 pm

    I just cannot get into direct sales. I have tried on two separate occasions with two different products, but I can’t get past the fact that I hate home parties. I ended up having my friends and family give party after party, and the same people were always invited. I know there must be a way, because lots of people make money doing this, but I need to sell something that doesn’t involve parties.

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