The Unsexy Side of Phone Work: Non-Adult Phone Jobs

Would you love to work at home on the phone, but don’t want to be a Phone Sex Operator (PSO)? There are plenty of alternatives out there.

If your ideal work-at-home job involves chatting on the phone, but you’re too shy for those racy adult jobs, there are plenty of non-adult phone positions out there. So take a deep breath, and try some phone work that doesn’t involve any heavy breathing.


One of the largest categories of PG-rated phone work is the telemarketing field. Some of this work involves making outbound sales calls (which can be tough for those who are inexperienced), but some companies simply offer informational services without any hard sales involved.

For the sales savvy, try companies like GoodCall, or if you want informational telemarketing, try eDegree or Oasis Marketing Solutions, which offer callers educational and/or political information.

Customer Service

Another big segment of the telephone telecommute working world is customer service and order-taking. Many large companies contract all or part of their telephone department to work-at-home employees, including businesses like cable TV, roadside assistance, or flower deliveries. As of this writing, some of the more popular companies include LiveOps, Amazon, and Arise.

Technical Support

If you’re good with technology – and good at explaining it to those of us who aren’t – check into home technical support jobs. Apple hires for tech support directly. You can also look into a larger agency that outsources its work to several clients like Working Solutions or teleNetwork. And, remember, be gentle with those of us who aren’t so tech savvy.


If you are a Registered Nurse, there are several great work-at-home nursing jobs available to you. Some nurses work at home performing utilization review for insurance companies. Others work for nurse hotlines, either hiring directly with one agency or through large companies that contract after-hour services for multiple doctors’ offices, home health agencies or hospices. Some reputable companies include Carenet, Fonemed and Intellatriage.

Psychic Services

If you have some special skills involving tarot card reading, astrology, or psychic intuition, consider working as a telephone psychic. This field has come a long way from the days of the infamous Miss Cleo phone lines. Some of the better known companies include Keen, Psychic Power Network, and Psychic Access. You can also consider setting up your own independent phone line!

Build Your Own Pay-Per-Call Service

If the idea of setting up your own business appeals to you, you can do it (even if you aren’t a psychic reader!). You may be able to set up your own hotline utilizing other skills, such as teachers, financial consultants, or marriage counselors, among others.

You can use a service that sets up a pay-per-minute phone line, such as There are others out there, but research them carefully as many services aren’t as reputable. These services can give you great flexibility in being your own boss, but it will take time to build up a thriving business and reliable income.

So if you’ve been thinking about work-at-home phone jobs, you have plenty of options. You don’t have to settle for the ones who advertise on the back of men’s magazines. Take a chance, fill out a few applications, and you may find yourself earning money while you chat away in your pajamas.

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